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Canine distemper virus antibody (CDV AB) rapid detection card

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Canine distemper virus antibody (CDV AB) rapid detection card

Update Time:2023/4/13

Canine distemper virus causes a highly contagious, systemic, and often fatal disease in domestic dogs and various wild predators. The natural hosts of infection are canids and skunks, and transmission occurs primarily through airborne and droplet levels. Sick dogs are an important source of infection and contaminate the surrounding environment by long-term detoxification through urine; dogs of different ages, sexes and breeds can be infected. Dogs can now be vaccinated against the canine distemper virus, which usually provides effective protective immunity. However, outbreaks of canine distemper still occur occasionally, even in dog populations that maintain extensive vaccination coverage. Therefore, CDV antibody titers are important in vaccination and health screening. Detection of antibodies to canine distemper in the blood of dogs is important to determine the ideal timing of immunization, to assess the success of vaccination, and to determine the diagnosis and prognosis of acute canine distemper virus infection.