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Pet Health Protection Guide

Update Time:2023/7/19
1. Carry out internal and external deworming regularly and timely.
1) In vivo routine:
Once a month under the age of 6 months;
Once in three months over the age of 6 months.

2) In vitro routine:
Coccidia/Toxoplasma gondii: Once every 3-6 months.
Trichomonas: once every 3-7 months.
In vitro: once every 1-2 months.

2. Regular vaccination:
1) Puppies/kittens complete 3 injections of vaccination + rabies vaccine in time.
2) Remember to check the antibody 20 days after the vaccination is completed to determine whether the vaccine was injected successfully.
3) Inject vaccines in time every year after adulthood.


3. Take a bath and clean your ears regularly. Maintain hygiene and avoid skin diseases.

4. Bitches and cats pay attention to hygiene, especially during estrus to avoid uterine diseases.

5. Maintain sufficient and healthy exercise, sufficient exercise can promote the growth and development of pets and maintain good health.

6. Pets can be taken for physical examination every one to two years to prevent diseases.