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4 ways to breed dogs

Update Time:2023/7/20
The most common mating styles of dogs are as follows:
Natural mating:
This is the most common breeding method, and it is generally used when two dogs are of the same size and both are willing. If the female dog does not like the male dog, it will run away immediately and refuse to mate.


Forced breeding
Breeding against the will of the dog is a compulsory act, and most dog dealers who make money from dogs will do this. In order to make more money, they will select two good-looking dogs , to carry out forced mating, so that the bred puppies will also look good and can be sold at a good price.
There are also some dog dealers who will carry out "inbreeding" and breed randomly. Such dogs will have serious health problems and the survival rate is very low.

Artificial breeding
The reproductive rate of some breeds of dogs is very low, so in order to allow them to have more offspring, people will adopt the method of scientific breeding for breeding. This method of mating requires the use of professional instruments and equipment, and is generally applicable to large-scale breeding plants. This method is rarely used in family dogs.

Assisted breeding
This is suitable for male and female dogs who have no mating experience, or male and female dogs with very different sizes, and when the male dog climbs the female dog and does not cooperate. When mating, the owner must cooperate and hold the female dog's neck collar. Support the abdomen of the bitch with one hand. If it is a large dog, the owner needs to bend his knees to support the chest and abdomen to keep the bitch standing. Steady the bitch, make sure the bitch stays in the position, move the bitch's tail out of the way, make sure the male can mate properly!


In order to ensure the smooth breeding of dogs and reduce the consumption of money, it is recommended to test the ovulation status of the female dog before mating, so as to improve the success rate of mating.