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Do you Really Know About Canine Parvovirus(CPV)?

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Do you Really Know About Canine Parvovirus(CPV)?

Update Time:2023/8/21
I. Causes of Canine Parvovirus(CPV)

1. Sick dogs are the main source of infection of parvovirus. The feces and saliva of sick dogs contain the highest amount of virus.

2. If there is no regular deworming for the dog, then the dog's stomach will lack antibody immunity, and it is easy to be invaded by parasites, resulting in enteritis.

3. The outside environment is complex, there may be a lot of germs, if the dog eats the contaminated items, it may lead to vomiting and diarrhea, and the disease becomes parvovirus.

II. Types and Symptoms of Parvovirus

1. Enteritis

Canine parvovirus attacks the digestive system of dogs and damages the intestinal mucosa. Therefore, the infected dog will show a loss of appetite, depression, vomiting and diarrhea, dehydration symptoms, while the stool is mainly liquid, similar to brown.

2. Myocarditis Type

Canine parvovirus attacks cardiomyocytes. In this case, in addition to having symptoms similar to enteritis, the dog will also have irregular heartbeat and breathing difficulties. This form of the disease is more deadly and dangerous.


III. How to Prevent Canine Parvovirus

The most effective measure to prevent canine parvovirus is to vaccinate dogs to improve their resistance to the virus. Secondly, when taking the dog out, try to go to the place where the dog gathers as little as possible to reduce the probability of the dog being infected; A balanced diet and appropriate exercise can also help dogs strengthen their body's resistance and block the invasion of viruses.

Note from Taeing:Although the cure rate for small dogs is relatively high, each virus invasion damages the dog's body and requires the owner to spend a lot of energy and money, so daily prevention is very important.