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Precautions For Caring For Your Dog In Autumn

Update Time:2023/9/27
The weather begins to cool in autumn. And the change of season sometimes makes the dog's appetite and vitality change. How should owners take care of their dogs in the fall? This article will introduce some dos and don 'ts of caring for dog in autumn.
Dog Changes:
1, Autumn climate change is obvious, dogs need to prevent cold and other physical diseases.

Autumn is cooler in the morning and evening, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and dogs are easy to catch cold. In particular, dogs with weak respiratory and cardiopulmonary functions, heart disease or diabetes are more likely to fall ill in this season.

2, Autumn is the season of parasite reproduction, dogs need to prevent parasite invasion.

Parasites such as ticks are especially prominent in autumn, which can cause dermatitis and hair loss in dogs. Therefore, be sure to prepare for the dog to go out or touch the grass in advance.

3, Autumn is the dog estrus, mating and breeding season, need to do a good job management.

Dogs are single-season animals, especially this season.

4. Autumn is the season for moulting.

Due to the cool weather in autumn, dogs need to be moulted, and timely attention should be paid to grooming and cleaning. In addition, due to the low temperature in autumn, dog owners need to pay attention to the cold and pre-warming work of early walking dogs.

5. Pay attention to the dog's sunscreen work in the warm autumn sun.

The autumn sun is soft, and the sun helps the dog's growth and development. But can not be exposed to the sun for a long time, the sun's light heat and direct ultraviolet rays will still affect their skin mechanism health.

What Dog Owners Should Do:
1. It's important to feed less and meals often

Autumn is a season of appetite, dogs will eat more, and owners need to control their diet. Do not give too salty and greasy food, otherwise it will be bad for the health of the dog's hair. Blindly eating will also cause discomfort to the dog's digestive system, causing diarrhea and so on. Small, frequent meals to help your dog store energy. Always remember to provide your dog with plenty of water to replenish at all times.
2. Regular deworming is crucial

Parasites are active in autumn, infection can cause dog appetite loss, weight loss, constipation or diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal circumference increase and so on. Even if no parasites are found in the feces, it is necessary to deworm regularly.  Pay attention to preventing parasitic infections, especially in spring and autumn.

3. Pay attention to disease protection

After the summer, dogs have to readjust to the climate changes in the cooler autumn. This may lead to a decline in the dog's immunity, which needs to be protected. Go to clean and airy places when you take your dog outside. Usually pay attention to good hygiene, take a bath can use some medicine bath to prevent skin diseases.

4. Take care of your dog's hair

The fall season must strengthen the care of the dog's hair, so that the dog successfully through the critical hair period. You need to groom your dog every day. Shower properly and blow dry after washing. In addition, feed the dog some nutritious food for hair, such as salmon, egg yolks and so on.

5. Increase physical contact

The cooling autumn meets the active sports character, and the dog's outdoor vitality is significantly enhanced, and a lot of physical strength needs to be released. Increasing your dog's physical activity can help avoid unnecessary problems such as damaged furniture. This builds a bond with your dog and makes him more familiar with you.

In the cool autumn, the dog's metabolism will become more vigorous, the appetite will increase, and the owners need to reasonably distribute the diet. Autumn is in the season of estrus, breeding and molting, it is necessary to strengthen the management of physiological activities and behavioral performance of dogs, and do a good job of deworming, disinfection environment, frequent grooming and other related work.