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What Are The Symptoms Of Rabies In Dogs?

Update Time:2023/10/16
Rabies is an acute infectious disease caused by rabies virus, belongs to the family rhabdovirus rabies virus is a single strand RNA virus, human and animal co-infection, more common in dogs, wolves, cats and other carnivores. Many people are infected by the bite of sick animals, and the clinical manifestations are unique fear of water, fear of wind, pharyngeal muscle spasm, progressive paralysis. Let's take a look at the symptoms of rabies in dogs.
Symptoms of rabies in a dog

1, prodromal period: the prodromal period of dog rabies is generally 1 to 2 days, and the sick dog lacks characteristic symptoms, which is easy to be ignored. The main symptoms of mild abnormalities include sensitive temperament, abnormal behavior, easy to anger, not listening to calls, itchy bite wounds, and often licking wounds with the tongue.

2, violent period: the sick dog is highly excited, attacks humans and animals, violent and depressed often alternate. When he was tired, he lay still, but soon rose again, with a peculiar squint and frightened expression. When it is stimulated again, a new attack can occur. Frenzies attack, biting limbs, tail and pubic area. Sick dogs roam the wild, most do not return, everywhere to bite people and animals. With the progression of the disease, there is disturbance of consciousness, disordered reflexes, weight loss, hoarseness, tail pinching, sunken eyes, dilated or shrunk pupils, drooling.

3, paralysis period: the paralysis period of dogs with rabies is generally 1 to 2 days. Jaw droop, tongue out of mouth, salivation, paralysis of hindquarters and limbs, lying down, and finally death due to paralysis or failure of the respiratory center. The whole course of illness is 1 ~ 10 days.
Signs that a dog has rabies

1, the dog's temperament suddenly changed, usually docile suddenly become mad and restless, usually violent suddenly become quiet.

2, the dog has pica performance, that is, eat things that it can not eat in normal life, such as dirt, wood, mop, shoes, etc.

3, the dog has a mute performance, that is, will not bark, lie open mouth drooling, because its laryngeal muscles have been paralyzed.

4, the dog can not be born or acquaintances.
The types of dog that gets rabies

1, excitement type: Excitement type is the most common, the initial performance is mainly personality change, the sick dog often erect ears, panic, eating habits change. A few days later, the disease is obvious, often aimless running and biting, two eyes looking straight, disorderly biting things and people, acquaintances can also be bitten. At this time, there is often difficulty swallowing, inability to drink water, barking hoarse, drooping saliva, and stumbling. Later, hind leg paralysis, respiratory failure and death can occur.

2, silent type: silent type is rare, often isolated from the group after the onset, but also often bark and bite after being disturbed, generally often quickly appear paralysis and death. In short, when the dog is found to have abnormal personality and behavior, it should be highly vigilant, try to avoid contact with it, and if it is highly suspicious, the brain tissue should be taken after killing and sent for pathological examination.

Summary: The harm of rabies is self-evident, many rabies dogs or people are ultimately because of fear of water and thirst. However, the probability of getting rabies is relatively low, so the problem of regularly injecting dogs with rabies vaccines is generally not large, so there is no need to be too afraid.