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How to keep cats warm in winter?

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How to keep cats warm in winter?

Update Time:2023/11/11
How to keep cats warm in winter?

1. Principles of keeping cats warm at home

(1)Help the cat dress

Cats themselves will have thick fur, and they will grow down in winter to keep themselves warm. However, if it is a short-haired cat, cat parents will inevitably worry that it will not have enough "sweaters", so they can help the cat wear warm clothes. . When buying clothes for your cat in winter, you can choose according to different needs. If you want to wear it when taking your cat out, you can choose clothes made of warmer materials, such as wool or warm soft leather, windproof materials, etc. If you only wear it indoors, choose thicker cotton clothing. Of course, if your cat is not used to wearing clothes, don’t force it.

(2)Prepare a warm cat bed
Winter is coming and cats sleeping with us can easily endanger our health! In winter, the temperature in the quilt is suitable and there is no ventilation, which will create a good living environment for bacteria. When we sleep closely with cats, bacteria will come to the bedding, our underwear, and even our skin, causing harm to us. Moreover, sleeping in an environment with insufficient oxygen (under a quilt) is very harmful to the cat itself. ​
Therefore, it is better to prepare a considerate little nest for our baby in winter. A small cardboard box with a soft plush cushion is very good. You can DIY one using old down jackets and cotton clothes at home, or you can go to a pet supply store to buy one. This is a prerequisite for keeping cats warm and cold-proof.

(3)The temperature difference cannot be too large
In the cold winter, what cats can’t bear the most is the obvious difference in hot and cold temperatures, such as between the bedroom and the living room, inside and outside the bed, entering and exiting the room, etc. Cats will sneeze wildly whenever they encounter temperature changes. The temperature difference is large and cats are prone to colds.

(4) Adjust the temperature of the electric heater
You can use a heater to maintain indoor temperature and place it in a location where cats often stay. When purchasing a heater, you must pay attention to whether its chassis is stable and whether it will fall over when a cat pushes it. If the heater falls over, whether it will automatically cut off the power.


a. Prevent burns
Parents who have a heating supply in the house or a stove that they burn themselves should pay attention. Cats are not sensitive to high temperatures. This is why cats often lean against the stove to keep warm and get burned on their fur. Therefore, please provide it at a heat source that may cause harm to the cat. Necessary protection to prevent cats from being burned.

b. Keep the air fresh
It’s cold outside in winter, so many parents are used to closing the doors and windows tightly to keep warm. This is understandable, but you must open the windows every once in a while to change the air in the house. This is not only good for the cat, but also good for your own health!

2. Cleaning and care:

Cats shed less hair in winter than during the peak shedding period in autumn, but because they spend less time in the sun, they are more susceptible to skin diseases. Cat parents can often use a comb to comb out the dirt and dander hidden in the skin. This not only promotes blood circulation, but also combs away the waste hair that the cat has replaced.


In this way, it can not only keep it clean and eliminate odor, but also make the cat's hair more shiny, and keep the cat's hair fluffy and tangle-free, so that it can truly keep warm! Don’t forget to let your cat enjoy a rare sunbath in winter when the sun comes out. It will be of great help to the skin and hair!


3. Start with diet to help cats keep warm

In the cold winter, cats’ demand for food will increase. This is normal.


(1)Protein increases calories

Cats eat more in winter, their metabolism enters a vigorous stage, and cats also begin to reserve energy for winter to keep out the cold. Owners should prepare food containing more protein for their pets to increase nutrition.


(2) Supplement more vitamins

It is necessary to properly supplement cats with vitamins. Vitamins in nutrition are very important for cats. They can promote growth, help digestion, resist diseases, keep skin healthy, and have smooth hair, etc. And it can prevent internal heat and dry stool.


(3) Drink more warm water when it’s cold.

In winter, many cats drink less water due to the drop in water temperature and cold drinking water, and the urine output also decreases. In order to keep cats drinking water regularly, cat parents can try to increase the temperature of the water to about 27℃-29℃ to increase the water consumption of cats. will.


(4) Avoid raw and cold food

If a cat eats cold or iced food or drinks raw water in winter, the digestive system will immediately turn on a red light. Therefore, cats should not be given milk or food taken directly from the refrigerator. You can add some cooked and chopped carrots, green vegetables, etc. to your food, which contain vitamins, and your resistance will naturally be enhanced.


4. Travel aspects

(1)Keep warm when going out

When going out, be sure to keep your cat warm. First of all, prepare the portable carrier, blankets, thermal packs and thin towels. First, lay the blanket at the bottom of the carrier, then put the thermal pack on the blanket, then cover it with a thin towel, and the thermal cat bag is complete. Got it! When going out in winter, in order to prevent cats from being directly exposed to cold wind, it is recommended to use a closed windproof material carrier.

(2) Go outdoors to bask in the sun

Cats are just like us. Cats should be allowed to bask in the sun when the weather is sunny and warm. This is especially necessary for growing and developing kittens. The ultraviolet rays in the sun not only disinfect and sterilize, but also promote the absorption of calcium. ​

In the cold winter, even the most playful cats have become quiet. Lying on a warm sofa and having a good sleep, is there anything more comfortable than this? Seeing the cats' satisfied faces while keeping warm, I suddenly felt that this winter is not so difficult after all!