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How to choose a cat that suits you?

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How to choose a cat that suits you?

Update Time:2023/11/17
How to choose a cat that suits you?

How should we choose a cat that suits us? Now that we accept the cat, we must shoulder its life, old age, illness and death.


First of all, if you don’t care much about the breed of cat, you can easily get it from the market, including pet shelters, friends who raise cats nearby, pet hospitals, or even online.

If you want to have a breed of cat, of course you have to spend some money to buy it. It is basically impossible to adopt a cat of a certain breed for free; when purchasing purebred cats, you must find a merchant with a storefront and a good reputation, which is more secure in terms of price and health. However, in recent years, some old brand pet stores have gradually focused on disease control and after-sales service, which is indeed refreshing.

Source of cats: There are many sources of cats, but cats may need to think carefully about how to choose a cat that suits them. Whether they are breed cats or non-breed cats, they all have their advantages and disadvantages, and each breed of cat has its own unique personality or genetic problems. Therefore, it is best to do some homework when choosing a breed cat. Fully understand the breed of cat you want to keep before deciding whether to buy it, instead of only starting to pay attention to the breed problem after you discover that these cats have breed problems. Below is a list of some sources of cats for your reference.


First, the Internet, get the cat you want through the Internet platform

Some people will breed their cats because they want to keep their own offspring. Most of the kittens after birth will be given to people they know to raise, or they will post online for people to buy or adopt. Since most home-bred kittens grow in a simple and clean environment, most of the kittens are in good health. The problem with this is transportation. If the transportation distance is long, the cost is also high, and there is also the hidden danger of cats having accidents during transportation.

Second, the animal rescue center, this one is adopted instead of purchased.

Nowadays, many stray cats are sent to rescue centers for placement. There are veterinarians stationed there. Therefore, the kittens there will be cared for by doctors to help with examinations, deworming or vaccinations. Some even help with sterilization surgeries. . Carefully inquire about the cat's condition before adoption. However, because they are stray cats, some cats also have psychological trauma experiences and will have a serious distrust of people and the environment. They need to be treated with more patience and love. .

Third, the pet hospital also adopts instead of buying.

Some pet hospitals will have pet owners foster kittens and look for suitable people to adopt them. These kittens have been checked and dewormed, and the doctors will also inform the adopters of the kitten's condition in detail; there are also some pet hospitals that will take in some kittens. Stray cats or caring people pick up stray cats. When they don’t know what to do with them, they will be sent to a pet hospital for foster care, and then wait for a suitable person. After bringing the cat back, they will take care of it such as health examination, deworming, vaccination, etc. With professionals, the cat's health can be guaranteed. This will be bundled. Although it is the same as the animal rescue center, adoption replaces purchase, but some expenses need to be deposited in the pet hospital, such as sterilization, deworming, bathing, etc., but these are ultimately I still consume it myself, which I personally think is acceptable.


Fourth, when buying in a pet store, distinguish between a rescue center and a pet hospital.

Pet shops sell live cats as a profit. If you want to buy them in a store, it is recommended to choose a pet shop with a good reputation. The health and quality of the kittens are more guaranteed. At this time, buying cats requires money, and you may also encounter bundled sales.

Fifth, stray cats on the roadside, cats reproduce very quickly.

Therefore, we often find kittens that are lost from their mothers on the road, and there are also adult cats that are close to people. Cats with good luck will be taken home by well-wishers or sent to rescue centers or pet hospitals to wait for a destined person to take them home. Before taking stray cats home, it is recommended to go to a pet hospital or rescue center for a comprehensive examination to ensure that they are healthy. Take it home, because some diseases in cats can be transmitted to other small animals and humans, so you need to pay special attention to them. It is best to isolate and observe them for a period of time before bringing them back to make sure there is no problem before contacting them.


The above is a brief overview of the sources of cats. Finally, let’s talk about cat breeds:

We have already discussed the difference in care between long-haired and short-haired cats; the prices of popular cat breeds on the market are always out of reach. Once they cool down, the market mechanism will return to normal, so don’t rush to be taken advantage of!

Each type of cat has its own characteristics. Short-haired cats are mostly muscular or slender, so it’s not surprising that they have a lot of activity. Most of the long-haired cats are thick and their movements are slow and lazy. They each have their own characteristics. It doesn’t matter whether they are good or bad. It all depends on personal preference.


You can also judge whether a cat is healthy by its appearance:

When choosing a cat, in principle it is best to choose a kitten that is fleshy, energetic and energetic. Because these are the basic conditions for health, the eyes must be clear and bright, and free of eye mucus. The tip of the nose must be moist but free of secretions or nasal discharge. The ears must be clean and smell-free. If there is a lot of dark brown earwax, there may be an ear scabies infection. The fur must be smooth and supple, without any hair loss areas, dandruff, or scabs; the skin and coat around the anus must be clean, without any feces adhering to them. Never buy a cat just for the sake of buying a cat. Not only will the space for selection become smaller, but you may also end up buying a sick kitten under the seller's temporary rhetoric. At that time, the medical expenses you will spend may be several times the price of the cat! Of course, it is very difficult to find a perfect cat. The above is just a matter of major principles. I think it is still acceptable if there are some small flaws that will not affect it.

Finally, I would like to remind you that whether you are adopting or purchasing, it is recommended to find a professional agency for inspection:

Before buying or taking a cat home, it is best to have it checked by a professional veterinarian for diseases, including infectious diseases common to humans and animals, or external parasites such as fleas. Of course, the seller may have a long-term cooperative veterinary hospital, but because of the cooperative relationship, there may be concerns about being unobjective or covering up the condition, so it is best to have a fair and impartial third party conduct the inspection, which is more objective.


After completing the above steps, your beloved cat will officially become a member of your family and a close relative! After careful consideration, adopt a cat that suits you and let a healthy cat become a part of your family.