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What should you pay attention to when transporting pets?

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What should you pay attention to when transporting pets?

Update Time:2023/12/26
What should you pay attention to when transporting pets?


When selecting a pet shipping company and the entire process of shipping, you should be careful. You can pay attention to the reviews of other buyers when selecting, and communicate with the merchant to confirm the status of your pet at every step of the shipping process.

I sorted out matters related to airplane shipping

1. About airplane consignment: Aircraft consignment is divided into "random consignment" and "cargo consignment." Random consignment means being on the same plane as the owner, together with the luggage, rising and landing at the same time. However, there is a weight limit (each airline has different requirements, choose the appropriate airline based on weight). If you transport a large dog that exceeds this standard, you need to choose aircraft cargo transportation;

The weight of cargo transported by air is calculated based on gross weight, and the calculation unit is kilograms. If the weight is less than 1 kilogram, it will be counted as 1 kilogram. If the weight exceeds 1 kilogram, the last number will be rounded off. The weight of each piece of cargo loaded on non-wide-body aircraft generally does not exceed 80 kilograms, and the volume generally does not exceed 40 * 60 * 100 cm. The weight of each piece of cargo loaded on a wide-body aircraft generally does not exceed 250 kilograms, and the volume generally does not exceed 250 * 200 * 160 cm. For goods exceeding the above weight and volume, Northwest Company will determine whether they can be accepted and transported based on specific conditions. Goods with a volume of more than 6,000 cubic centimeters per kilogram are weighed as light foam goods. Light foam cargo is measured in 1 kilogram per 6,000 cubic centimeters.


2. Random consignment steps: 

(1) Confirm that the aircraft model is equipped with an aerobic cabin. 

(2) After determining the aerobic chamber, you must have a flight box suitable for the dog.

(3)The quarantine certificate is valid for 1 to 7 days depending on the region. The departure time must be within this valid time, and the price ranges from 130 to 200 yuan.

(4)On the day of departure, put the dog in the flight box, take the quarantine certificate, go to the counter at the airport to change the boarding pass, tell the staff that you have a small animal to check in, and they will help you double-check whether the plane has an aerobic cabin. (It is strongly recommended to call the airline again on the morning of departure to confirm the aerobic box matter, and change the ticket in time if there are changes). The counter will ask you to go to the airport packing desk to pack the flight box, complete the packing, complete the weighing and payment and other matters.

3. About price:

The fee for checked pets on domestic flights is 1.5%/kg of the full ticket price (may vary slightly from airline to airline). For overseas flights, items weighing less than 10kg can be brought into the cabin. In order not to affect other passengers, you can choose business class.


4. Separate consignment:

If your pet flies alone, hand it over to the airline 3-4 hours before the flight takes off. Pick it up at the airport cargo department about 2-3 hours after the plane lands, and pay a pick-up fee ranging from more than 100 yuan. (The delivery departments of different airlines are in different places, and the delivery fees paid are also different). Random check-in, flying with the owner, booking aerobic space in advance (usually three days), and handling it at the check-in counter two hours before the flight takes off. Pick up your pet with your luggage ticket at the baggage carousel (no pick-up fee is required). The difference is that there are many procedures for random check-in and the fee is high, but it is quick and you can pick up your pet as soon as you get off the plane.

5. Separate consignment process:

(1) Prepare the documents required for pet transportation: completed immunization copy, rabies immunity certificate, and some countries also require a rabies virus antibody test report. The rabies virus test report takes about 15 to 30 days, so it should be prepared one month in advance.

(2) Prepare the flight case, and bring the pet-specific flight case and the above three certificates to the quarantine supervision and inspection on the day of departure. Only after passing the inspection can the epidemic prevention supervisor stamp the official seal of epidemic prevention supervision on the quarantine certificate.

(3) Consignment: Bring the pet, air box, and the above three completed certificates to the airline's cargo office to complete the pet consignment procedures.

(4) Airport pick-up: After the airline issues the waybill, it will notify the consignee the waybill number and the plane's takeoff and landing time. Under normal circumstances, the goods can be picked up one and a half hours after the plane lands.
6. Possible problems, their causes and solutions:

(1) Death in transit

① Make sure to choose an aerobic chamber.
② Domestic flights are not long, so there is no need to put water and food in them, but if you are flying to Xinjiang or something like that, which often takes 6 or 7 hours, please prepare a water bottle and hang it on the cage.
③Purchase a sturdy flight box to prevent pets from accidentally escaping and being shot at the airport.
④Don’t choose small companies just for the sake of cheapness.
⑤ Ensure that pets are in good health when checked in. Not only for the sake of other pets, but also to ensure the pet's own safety.

Cause analysis: According to incomplete statistics, about one-third of pet death cases are caused by car transportation. Unscrupulous shipping companies privately changed air shipping to car shipping, and pets died due to bumps, heat stroke, lack of oxygen and other reasons. Insufficient safety protection during land transportation may be one of the causes of pet death. According to Southern Weekend, transportation downgrades are a common way for the pet shipping industry to make high profits. Article 33 of the "Implementing Rules of the Postal Law of the People's Republic of China" lists "various live animals" as items prohibited from being sent or included in mail. However, in actual situations, there are still courier companies that transport pets illegally. Although the carriage of pets is expressly prohibited, illegal private transactions still occur.

(2) Pets are lost during shipping
① Prevention method: Do not take connecting flights or stopovers, choose direct flights. Many accidents occur because pets are away from their owners for too long while on a connecting flight. Therefore, be sure to choose direct flights.
②What should I do legally?
The crux of the difficulty in safeguarding pets' rights in checked-in accidents is largely due to the airline's disclaimer and the restrictions on pets' qualifications for baggage declaration value processing. Most airlines clearly stipulate that passengers bear full responsibility for checked animals.

According to the "China Civil Aviation Domestic Transport Rules for Passengers and Luggage" issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, it is stated that when passengers’ baggage value exceeds 100 yuan per kilogram during air check-in, they can apply for a compensation agreement to avoid losses caused by the luggage during check-in. . If the luggage with a declared value is lost or damaged, compensation can be made according to the declared value, with a maximum amount of RMB 8,000.

This means that once the value of a pet cannot be declared, passengers can only claim compensation according to the rule of "not exceeding 50 yuan per kilogram" when an accident occurs. However, currently, except for Capital Airlines, other airlines do not provide the service of declaring the value of pets.

According to the regulations, you need to provide relevant certificates and require the shipping company to compensate you based on your shipping price and insured transportation related content. If negotiation fails, you can consider suing. You need to confirm whether it was lost in transit or during delivery. If it is lost in transit, you should sue the carrier.
Prosecution handling: 
(1) Civil indictment. 
(2) Catalog and copies of main evidence materials.
(3) A copy of the plaintiff’s ID card and the original is provided for inspection. If the legal representative files a lawsuit on his behalf, he should submit a copy of his or her ID card and a copy of the documents proving the relationship with the plaintiff, and the originals should be provided for inspection. If you do not have an ID card, please provide other identification materials. 
(4) If you entrust another person to litigate, you must also submit a clearly authorized power of attorney and a copy of the trustee's ID card, and provide the originals for inspection. 
(5) If the defendant is an entity, provide the defendant’s basic industrial and commercial information.


We can find that many unscrupulous merchants who ship pets have the following characteristics:
1. The merchant is vague about some important consignment information (such as special car details, accurate time points), or is unable to provide corresponding proof after making a promise.
2. The merchant suddenly changed his mind and the set time was suddenly changed.
3. Refusing for various reasons when the owner requests to take photos, and even taking similar pet photos/blurred photos claiming to be photos of pets
4. Unable to contact me when approaching/exceeding the agreed time to pick up the pet.

When selecting a pet shipping company and the entire process of shipping, you should be careful. You can pay attention to the reviews of other buyers when selecting, and communicate with the merchant to confirm the status of your pet at every step of the shipping process.