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TAEING TDS&TEMP Meter Water Quality Testing

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TAEING TDS&TEMP Meter Water Quality Testing

TAEING TDS&TEMP Meter Water Quality Testing

CategoriesWater Tester
BrandTaeing+Pit Microchip Reader+Wholesale Manufacturer
Terms of PaymentT/T, Paypal
Update TimeMar 2,2024
Detail Information
TDS&TEMP Meter for Drinking Water , Accurate Water Quality Tester for Water Purity Test, Swimming Pools,RO System, Aquariums

Splash-Proof Design
Long Time Use
Intelligent Chip
Sensitive Titanium Alloy Probe

How Pure ls Your Water ?(TDS)
0-50        High purity water, ideal drinking water,RO,Dl.distilled water,etc
50-100    The purity in general,carbon filtered water nountain spring water
100-300  Hard water,marginally acceptale average tap water
300-600  High hardness tap water or nineral water,high TDS water from the tap or mineral spring
600-1000  Poor taste, serious scaling
1000+     Not suitable for drinking

How to use it?
1. Take off the protective cap and turn on the ON switch
2. Immerse the meter electrode into the solution until theImmersion line
3. Gently agitate the TDS meter to remove bubbles
4. Waiting for the reading is stable in 5 seconds,press theHOLD key check the reading
5. After using,dry the test pen and put cap back on it

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