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Animal RFID Microchip

Animal RFID Microchip
【Strict Production Standards】-All animal microchips are subject to strict production standards to ensure sterility and safety.The anti-drop device ensures 100% of the built-in electronic tag does not fall off before implantation. The coated electronic tag prevents dissociation under the skin of the animal after implantation.
【Widely used】-This suitable for small dogs , cats, and other small animals veterinarians, pet doctors, vet clinics, farm animal management, animal welfare agency,with individually wrapped, implantation is simple, easy to operate.
【Suitable for various animals】- This microchip suitable for most pets, animal husbandry, fish, wildlife, etc. Small size and light weight.
【Compatible with various scanners】-The microchip is in the 134.2K/125K FDX-B format (ISO11784/11785 compliant) with 15-bit Encoding, compatible with various scanners and pet auto feeder.
【ICAR CERTIFIED】-All chips are certified by Animal identification certifications (ICAR), It can be used as pet ID, pet insurance, pet tracking and traceability, etc.
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