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Safety Protection Solutions For Small Farm & Home Yard

TAEING was established in 2012, focusing on providing professional technical solutions for animal hospitals, farms and families. At present, we have provided numerous solutions to thousands of customers from North America, South America, Europe, Australia, etc.

TAEING mainly serves online e-commerce (amazon, independent websites, ebay, etc.), wholesalers and brand customers.

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Since 2012, TAEING has successfully developed products such as veterinary devices,pet disease diagnostic reagents,livestock disease diagnostic reagents,poultry disease diagnostic reagents,animal breeding ,etc.Products are constantly updated and iterated, with more functions and more choices.

Pet Diagnostic Reagents

Pet testing kits to help pet owners and veterinarians quickly diagnose.

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Veterinary Devices

Test Principle:Time Resolved Fluorescence Immunoassay (TRFIA)

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Animal PIT Microchip

Implantable chips are used in pets, fish and other rare wildlife. Tracking and management are faster and more efficient.

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Yes, our company operates strictly according to GMP standard and ISO9001 quality management system. The company is based on "professional and experienced technical capabilities", "continuous focus on research and development" and "production capacity to achieve high-quality products".more>

Do you offer customized packaging?

Yes. All of our products can be packed as your requirement.more>

What's the difference between a standard test and a quick test?

The standard test is suitable for a single sample, which is automatically timed for incubation and read in the instrument; the rapid test is suitable for multiple samples, which is incubated outside the machine, and inserted into the instrument for detection and reading after the incubation time is up.more>

How long does it take to detect each sample?

Usually 11minutes: about 30 seconds for dilution and loading;about 10minutes for the incubation and about 10 seconds for the instrument reading time


Can u send free samples?Yes, free samples are available; U will just need to pay the express fee. U can provide your a/c like DHL, or u can call your courier to pick up from our office.


What is time-resolved immunofluorescence chromatography?

In-machine incubation standard tests: single channel, 5 tests per hour, six channels, 30 tests per hour. Out-of-machine incubation rapid test: single channel,200 tests per hour, six channels, 300 tests per hour.


Why can immunofluorescence chromatography achieve quantification?

The immunofluorescence analyzer scans the fluorescence signal of the T (detection) line and the C quality control)line of the detection card, and converts the fluorescence signal value into the concentration of the sample accordingto the standard curve built in the lD card to achieve quantitative analysis.